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103kW, Yorkshire, Poultry

Solar PV roof mount installation on a poultry unit.

What was achieved

Westwood Energy installed 103.20kW of PV on this Yorkshire poultry unit. This system was realised after working closely with the shed builder, to ensure structural loading calculations were adhered to. This is particularly prevalent on poultry units, with conveyors, heaters, feeders, drinkers and lighting all hung from the ceiling.

The numbers…

90MWh pa generated.

56% consumed on-site.

33% of import demand off-set.

£16,830.00 pa saved.

The equipment…

240no. Trina Vertex 430W Modules.

1no. 90K SolarEdge Inverters.

120no. P950 SolarEdge Optimisers.

1no. Sunfixings MRD S Mounting System.

1no. SolarEdge G100 Metering Solution.

Final Outcome

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