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    Agricultural Solar PV

    We have a strong background within the agricultural sector, giving us the unique ability to service agricultural clients with the best solutions for their on farm needs. We understand the importance of biosecurity and the energy demands across farming sectors, and cover installations on all types of site including: pig, poultry, dairy, grain, cold storage and storage.

    Commercial Solar PV

    With over 10 years of experience and more than 15MW of solar PV installed to date, we provide commercial clients with industry leading solutions to help reduce energy costs and enhance ESG positions. We work closely with our commercial clients to ensure minimal disruption to daily operations, and schedule any necessary shutdowns to suit the client.

    Destination and Public EV Charging

    We provide complete EV solutions for public charging stations, retail car parks, offices and commercial properties. Our products include both fast AC and rapid DC. Our systems come fully app enabled, with a back room interface that allows you to control factors such as speed of charge and £/kWh fees.

    New Connections

    We have been providing clients with new connections consultancy and infrastructure services for over 10 years. We have the skills to engage with DNOs, iDNOs and ICPs, as well as the capability to offer construction of all necessary civil elements on ground mounted transformers and switchgear. We can provide brick or stone built buildings, as well as pre-fabricated GRP enclosures, to suit your exact needs.

    Export Contracts

    In view of wanting to offer a full turnkey solution, we offer access to a Westwood lead selling group. This offers clients the opportunity to sell any surplus generation as part of our portfolio of renewable generators. This gives customers access to the metering and PPA expertise we have developed over many years, as well as a higher price for exported energy.


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