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    • Do you install on domestic properties?

      • We are a commercial installer, with our projects starting at 50kW. We will, however, look at a domestic installation in conjunction with a commercial/agricultural project.

    • Does the Solar PV operate with loss of mains?

      • No, SolarEdge inverters only operate with a live mains connection. This is a safety feature.

    • I have a generator, is this a problem?

      • On-site generators are not a problem. We need to connect to the grid side of the generator to follow a loss of mains protocol.

    • Do you conduct a structural survey for my roof?

      • Yes, a structural sign-off is a key component to all our projects pre-start milestones. You may be able to obtain this from your builder/structural plans. Alternatively, Westwood Energy can conduct a full site survey.


    • How often should I clean my solar panels?

      • Panels should be cleaned every 12-18 months, depending on the site location.

    • What should I clean my solar panels with?

      • It is recommended to use de-ionised water and light agitation with a soft brush. Please do not pressure wash solar panels. Many window cleaners now offer a solar panel cleaning service.

    • Do you monitor my systems performance?

      • Yes, Westwood Energy monitor all systems for production and any faults that might occur. This is free of charge for the first year of production, then a small fee is applicable every year thereafter.

    • Can I monitor my own system?

      • All clients are given access to the SolarEdge Monitoring portal for Solar and the Compleo Monitoring portal for EV Charging.

    Grid connection

    • How long does a G99 grid connection offer take?

      • A standard G99 application takes 45 working days, applications for some large projects may take longer.

    • Can I have a bigger inverter than the grid allows with export restriction?

      • No, the grid deem the maximum connected capacity irrelevant of any export limitation capabilities.

    • Can I have more panel capacity than the maximum connected capacity?

      • Yes, the connected capacity refers to the inverter size in kW. The SolarEdge inverter has the capability of accepting 175% of its output in connected panels.

    • What determines the maximum size Solar PV system I can have installed?

      • Your current electrical infrastructure will determine this, including transformer size, incoming fuse size and the grids ability to accept your generation.


    • Do I need planning for my solar?

      • Roof mounted commercial solar installations under 50kW do not generally require any planning. Roof systems between 50kW – 1MW require prior approval and roof systems greater than 1MW require planning permission. Ground mounted systems require full planning.

    • How long does planning take?

      • Times vary by the scale of the project. Normally 65 working days should be allowed unless additional surveys are required.


    • What panels do you use?

      • We use Trina, Tier 1, modules. The modules come with a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

    • What colour are your panels?

      • At Westwood Energy, we use black panels. Although colour doesn’t affect the performance of the panel, it does add to the aesthetic nature of the install.

    • Do you supply batteries?

      • Yes, we can supply batteries for three-phase connections, but only on 10kW inverters. We are expecting batteries to become available for larger inverters in 2024.

    • Can I add a battery to my system at a later date?

      • SolarEdge inverters have been designed to accept a SolarEdge battery after the initial installation. We recommend clients run their system for a year before assessing the need for a battery.

    • Is your battery solution DC or AC coupled?

      • The SolarEdge battery solution is DC coupled, making it more effective than other battery storage solutions. This is also helpful for grid restricted installations.

    • What makes SolarEdge inverters different to others?

      • SolarEdge inverters have many advantages over other manufacturers These include industry-leading warranties, module level monitoring, module level performance, safe DC, a user friendly monitoring portal and fully optimised strings.

    • What is the benefit of the Optimiser?

      • SolarEdge inverters use optimisers on the back of panels. There are several benefits to this, such as:
        ∙ Any fault and the system drops to 1V per optimiser
        ∙ Increased yield
        ∙ Increased design flexibility
        ∙ The ability to see each panels performance remotely.

    • Can you fit panels to any roof type?

      • Our supplier of mounting equipment has a large selection of solutions to fix panels to almost all roof types and styles. Our team will determine the most suitable solution at the survey phase.


    • Do you set up export following installation?

      • Yes, as part of our turnkey solution we request an export quote for the client and manage the process.

    • Will you set up an export contract for people who already have solar?

      • We do accept existing solar PV sites into our selling group, please contact us to discuss further.

    • How often do export contracts renew?

      • Export contracts vary in length but generally will last for 12 months, however this does change in relation to market conditions.

    • How long does it take to set up export?

      • Depending on your supplier, it can take between 3-6 months after the solar PV has been commissioned to finalise export.

    • Will I need a new meter for export?

      • Many modern meters are capable of export, if not already they may need re-calibrating to record export. Westwood Energy will advise if its likely your meter will need upgrading.


    • Do you give a full design report for Solar PV?

      • Every project is designed using SolarEdge’s design package giving both the client and Westwood Energy a 3D render of their site, proposed panel layout and estimated levels of production and consumption.

    • How accurate is your design production estimate?

      • The design software uses years of irradiance data, giving highly accurate predictions on performance.

    • Is shading a problem?

      • Using the SolarEdge optimised system, Westwood Energy can design either avoiding shaded areas or in shaded areas. Thanks to the optimiser, production is limited only to the panels in the shade at any given time.

    • Can you install panels on multiple roofs and at different angles?

      • Yes, we can install panels at different angles and on multiple roof areas. A full survey will determine the suitability.

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