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249kW, Yorkshire, Manufacturing

Solar PV roof mount installation for A B Graphic International, manufacturers of print finishing equipment in Yorkshire.

What was achieved

Westwood Energy installed 249kW of PV to this print finishing equipment manufacturing facility in East Yorkshire. Accommodating the existing 50kW installation, we were able to provide real time monitoring of both arrays, to ensure maximum uptime from the entire installation. Here we deployed SolarEdge’s Firefighter Gateway, ensuring safe and rapid DC shutdown on triggering of the buildings fire alarm system.

This system incorporates modules on both the South and North elevations. SolarEdge optimised solutions allow balanced and module level outputs on modules deployed on various elevations / orientations, making this a perfect example of their benefits. Using SolarEdge’s Designer platform we were able to confidently predict the difference in output on both elevations, giving the client reassurance of predicted yields and giving them access to twice as much roof space as first thought.

Given the shallow pitch of all elevations utilised, we have seen positive results from the North elevation so far, with the difference between North and South being just 1.5% through June and July. We expect to see an annual difference in output of 8%, showcasing the benefits of bespoke design and utilising all viable elevations.

The numbers…

202MWh pa generated.

64% consumed on-site.

33% of import demand off-set

£42,25000 pa saved.

The equipment…

594no. Trina Vertex 420W Modules.

1no. 100K SolarEdge Inverters / 1no. 50K SolarEdge Inverters.

297no. P850 SolarEdge Optimisers.

1no. Sunfixings MRD S Steel Sheet Mounting System.

1no. SolarEdge G100 Metering Solution.

1no SolarEdge Firefighter Gateway.

Final Outcome

From the client

Westwood delivered a highly professional service, we strongly recommend them for any Solar PV installation and look forward to working with them again.

Steve Curtis, Director – A B Graphic International

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