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    Customer First

    • Commercial scale solar PV specialists.
    • End to end project delivery.
    • High quality products & services.
    • Experienced team of experts.
    • Industry leading warranties.
    • Approved SolarEdge installer.


    • Modules: Trina Solar, tier 1 bankability, 18 world records in cell efficiency, industry leading 25yr product / 30yr performance warranty.
    • Inverters/ optimisers: SolarEdge, in-depth performance monitoring, safe DC solutions, industry leading warranties (12-25yrs), technology sharing partnerships with Tesla and Schneider Electric.
    • Mounting systems: Sunfixings, bespoke structural and wind loading design calculations, manufacturing unique mounting products, industry leading 25yr warranty.
    • LVAC: Schneider Electric, worldwide leader in electrical distribution components.

    Technology: optimisation vs string

    Smart design

    • Manufacturer approved and 3D designs.
    • Validation of manufacturer warranties.
    • Projected performance reports.
    • Designed for maximum efficiency.
    • Modelling for: pitch, orientation, shading, irradiance, future maintenance access.

    New build design

    We utilise existing site plans to accurately plot and model new developments.

    We model:

    • Location dependent performance figures.
    • Shading impact from existing structures, obstacles and trees.
    • System and cabling losses.
    • Optimal panel to grid positions.


    We utilise SolarEdge optimised solutions, allowing us to monitor systems at individual panel level, all the way up to whole system. We monitor:

    • Generation, load and export totals instantaneously.
    • Self-consumption data at hour day, week, month or annual granularity.
    • Full monitoring of all values: AC/DC voltage, AC/DC current, power, energy and temperature.


    As SolarEdge “Trusted Installers” we can enrol installations >100kW on to the AdvantEdge program. The program allows you to be compensated for any lost generation due to optimiser failure and covers:

    • The first two years of operation.
    • Calculated using the performance of neighbouring optimisers and multiply their average energy production by your declared import rate.
    • Any reaction time required by us to access and replace a failed optimiser is not to your detriment

    The program also enables us to claim for labour and access costs, up to £115 for labour and £200 for access, on up to two visits per year for the first 5 years. This ensures low or no maintenance costs relating to optimisers.


    Social governance is as key a factor when reviewing the opportunity to install solar PV systems.

    At design stage we offer you projected CO₂ savings based on performance outputs, and also convert this in to an equivalent trees planted figure.

    Once operational, our monitoring portal shows in addition to energy produced, CO₂ emissions offset and an equivalent trees planted figure.

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